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Muniba Mazari Speech

Life for Muniba Mazari, the "Iron Lady of Pakistan," would never be the same after a tragic car accident. In this video by Goalcast, she describes the accident along with the list of injuries which not only required her to remain in the hospital for 2 years afterward, but also required her to remain in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. In short order, she was told all the things she would not be able to do and among all the devastation, her number one fear was getting divorced. That fear was followed by not being able to be a mother.

The culmination of her life to facing her biggest fears caused her to question her existence. Watch this short video where she will tell you in her words, all the ways in which learned to not blame life, how she took lemons and made lemonade, and how she ultimately refused to die before her death.

Now that you've seen her story -

  • How will you begin "painting" and adding color to your life? In other words, owning your story and the imperfect moments that have come with it to make it perfect for yourself.

  • How will you begin to accept yourself so the world can finally recognize you as you want to be seen?



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