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Having seen many loved ones experience divorce and having gone through my own, I know firsthand that divorce is one of the toughest decisions that can be made in a lifetime. The reality is the impacts of divorce last long after the final decree is signed.


To confidently transition through the divorce process and beyond, it is vital that divorcing couples make prudent decisions during negotiations and understand how the settlement agreed to today will affect their financial future. With planning and analysis, sensible divorce settlements are not impossible and greater financial peace of mind can be achieved. 

If divorce is on your mind and you are concerned about the financial consequences - let's talk about the ways you can more confidently transition to your new life. >  

During Divorce

The financial needs of your case can be supported through:

  •  Data gathering for the preparation of your financial affidavit along with other financial statements, illustrations, projections, worksheets, and/or asset tracings required for your case

  • Identifying and analyzing the short-term and long-term effects of proposed and counter-proposed settlements with a holistic lens that considers tax impacts, lifestyle, support needs, retirement and other financial objectives during divorce and beyond

  • Advocating for the financial interests in negotiated settlements or mediation approaches

  • Serving as a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Process 

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® is a financial professional who has specialized education, skills, and experience that enables them to objectively analyze both the short and long-term financial impacts of different divorce settlements.  


The role of the CDFA® professional is to assist the client with understanding how the financial decisions he/she makes today will impact the client’s financial future, based on certain assumptions. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professionals cannot provide legal advice; though, we work with attorneys, mediators, accountants, and other experts to make the divorce process more productive and as cost-effective as possible for clients. 

role of a CDFA®

Post DivorcE

It can feel very satisfying to have your final decree in hand.  I certainly remember that feeling.  But is that document enough to mark the end of your divorce process and never think about it again?  NO!!  There are generally a number of post-divorce follow ups that need to be completed to ensure the division of property is carried out as intended.  It is also important to take steps toward making the most of your new financial situation. In this phase of your divorce process, we can explore suitable options for comprehensive financial planning. 

All designed with YOU in mind. 


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